1) Look in your junkmail or spam folder

2) Login, go to my account and then my purchases. There is a print option on the far right side of the screen.

3) Contact customer service at admin@bestcoupondealswi.com and we will respond as quickly as possible.

It is up to each place of business to accept vouchers. Please read the disclaimers before making your plans.

Almost 90,000 copies of our book are delivered every 6-8 weeks to Cedarburg, Colgate, Germantown, Hartford, Hubertus, Jackson, Lannon, Menomonee Falls, , Mequon, Richfield, Slinger, Sussex, Thiensville, and West Bend. Unfortunately, something the post office misses a mailbox,  but you can check out a digital copy on our website.

We have limited number of extra copies that can be mailed out. Please contact customer service at amy.bestcoupondeals@gmail.com with a request that the book be mailed to you.

Once a certificate expires, it loses its promotional value. The amount you paid for your deal will be honored by the merchant for 5 years (in some instances, state law allows it to be honored for an even longer period).

Yes, go to pre.bestcoupondealswi.com, log in with your previous username and password. You will be able to go to “my account” and “my purchases” and check which vouchers are still unused and print off those unused vouchers.

Businesses are aware that the “old” style of vouchers do not have QR codes and are still able to validate those vouchers.